What are the Amped wireless Login instructions?

The control panel of your Amped Wireless Router is the Web-Based Interface of the router. It is the place where you store all of your settings and change them as needed. To log in to this web-based interface you must have the default username, password, and default IP address. These details can be sought from the back of the router’s panel. Apart from the default requirements, you must have two Ethernet cables, one to link the computer and the router and other to connect the modem and the router, and a web browser or the default access gateway.

How to Update the firmware of Amped Wireless Router? 

  1. To update the firmware of your Amped Wireless Router, you have to follow some of the necessary steps that we are describing just below.
  2. Go to the official web site of Amped at setup.ampedwireless.com or from the www.ampedwireless.com/support and from its download section type the model number of your router, and download the latest version of your Amped Wireless Router.
  3. After downloading the firmware, you need to save the folder in an appropriate location of your computer screen or the drives.
  4. Go to the login page of your amped router using the default web address setup.ampedwireless.com and then you have to enter the default username with the default password in the browser.
  5. go to the wireless section and click to the “Firmware Update Tab”, then click on to the browse option to search the latest downloaded folder of the firmware.
  6. After locating the firmware for the location in which you have saved the file, click to launch and upload the firmware. After that let your Amped wireless router to reboot for few minutes, and then login again.

Why setup.ampedwireless.com failed to open the Setup Wizard?

Why my Amped internet connection is dropping?

  1. Turn off the amped wireless router, computer, and the modem.
  2. Power on the modem first and wait for two to three minutes.
  3. Then power on the router and again wait for two to three minutes to initialize the router.
  4. At last power on your computer and then try again with the login process.
  5. This process is also called the power-cycling of the devices.
  6. If you ate using the PPPoE or any other encryptions, then you need to adjust the reconnection r the time out settings.
  7. Go to the IP Settings>internet Connection of the WAN page and then configure the internet connection to get it connected to the network automatically.
  8. Make sure that your computer’s firewall, antivirus, and other such software have been disabled temporarily to check the root cause of the problems.